Coaching and Leadership International Academy, LLC

Welcome to Coaching and leadership international Academy. LLC

Welcome to Coaching and leadership international Academy. LLC

Welcome to Coaching and leadership international Academy. LLC Welcome to Coaching and leadership international Academy. LLC

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CLIA Offers

Personal coaching by face-to-face and Skype - $50 per one session first introductory session offered free of charge. A free session is awarded after each 5 sessions of coaching.

One session is 30 min. 


Training Certified Programs and Workshops

The Coaching and Leadership International Academy (CLIA) strive for excellence in serving and providing quality training in LEADERSHIP, COACHING, ENTREPRENEURSHIP and MANAGEMENT of individuals and groups. 

Payment is due on first day of Workshop - $800 or less


Career Coaching

Business Coaching 

Gender Coaching

Life Coaching

Emotional Intelligence Coaching

Children Coaching

Parents Coaching and More

Professional Coaching Style and Strategies

Personal Life Coaching Style and Strategies 


Leadership Styles and Their Application

Human Nature of Leadership in Recent Days in the Work Environment 

Your Behavioral Style and How Others See You as a Leader 

Leadership Starts With You

Entrepreneurial Leadership 

Emotional Intelligence Skills

Leadership for Children

Consultation in:





Strategic Planning 

Business Planning 

Organizational Behavior 



All the Agenda will be designed for client's requirements.

 Who can be benefited? 

PEOPLE!  Companies that want their executives, managers and employees to bring their full creative potential and passion to work.  Stakeholders. Organizations that want to be recognized respected and get results when attempting to promote their interests in government, industry and social spheres of influence. Individuals who want to be more successful leaders in their lives.

Sustainability is at the core of what we do. CLIA is likely to continue to grow in the years ahead. CLIA seeks processes and provides opportunities for personal or group leadership development, while promoting diversity in cultural perspective.

We Love to Help

Coaching Training

Coaching is one of the most rapidly growing professions today. Coaches support their client’s potential for innovative thinking, effective action and goal fulfillment. The holistic approach to professional coaching training combines awareness of body, mind and spirit with solid and substantive coaching skills. A coach helps clients connect to their inner wisdom and full aliveness. Coaching is learning and action-oriented, moving people towards the fulfillment of their life purpose, visions and goals. In this training, participants will master the skills to begin their own successful practice or integrate coaching skills into their current work.

Leadership Training

In every human activity, including those in the business world, the process of leadership is an essential element of effective governance. Leadership is applied in many types of organizations such as religious, political, business, military, educational, and social. The need for effective leaders is more critical than ever. Though we have heard a lot about leadership in the last few decades, it has a much longer history. Leadership and the study of it as a social phenomenon has its roots in the beginning of civilization.

Important Financial Information

Some of the praces are dependent on the requirments of the individuals and groups. 

We offer finantion aid.