Coaching and Leadership International Academy, LLC

Welcome to Coaching and leadership international Academy. LLC

Welcome to Coaching and leadership international Academy. LLC

Welcome to Coaching and leadership international Academy. LLC Welcome to Coaching and leadership international Academy. LLC

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Our organization stands for training and coaching in leadership that is based on individual and teams’ awareness and responsibility, driven and led by all levels of an organization. The organization strives for the integration of strategy, culture and development in leadership. We are assisting individuals and organizations to engage deeply with a society that demands new forms of corporate responsibility and public accountability, which is paramount to creating the world and future we desire.  Our global training programmes unleash competitive advantage through human potential in organizations to drive performance, productivity and transformation.

Our objective is to continue to grow both professionally and personally by continuing my education, plus personal, and professional development, in order to make a progressive, effective, and beneficial impact in my relationships with others, and my professional environment.

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Founder and CEO Mariya Markova

Mariya Markova

Mariya Markova is the founder and CEO of CLIA. She is a consultant and trainer in leadership and coaching with experience in a broad range of settings including communications, education, government and human resources. Mariya is engaged in collaborative interactions with individuals and groups. She possesses skills with a customer service orientation and has the ability to provide consultation and expertise on organizational effectiveness. Her professional accomplishments span a wide range of experiences that have given her a well-rounded view of the corporate, institutional, and academic environments. Mariya has lead professional relationships by and between internal and external stakeholders in order to accomplish established missions and maximize profitability and promote long-term success. She has professional experience in organizational strategy and the design of practices and programs that develop and improve employee performance.  During the last 25 years, she has enjoyed a wide variety of experiences working in and with commercial, non-profit, education, and government organizations in Europe, Middle East, and the U.S.A.     

She has experience with curriculum development and assessment; based upon new pedagogical strategies for face-to-face and online instruction.  She has acted to ensure learners success through an emphasis on teaching and learning excellence. Mariya is an instructor teaching graduate and doctoral level courses such as Organizational Leadership, Organizational Behavior, Strategic Planning, Sustainability, and Community Organizing. She has publications in several journals.     

Mariya earned a Doctor of Arts in Leadership, MBA in Human Resources, and Bachelors and Masters of Computer Science. She has a Professional Coaching Certificate at University of New Hampshire, FERPA Certificate Online Instructor Blackboard and Postgraduate qualification Networks Specialist: Information Systems PC/Network Architecture and Operating Systems and Nets.